DeNites are community-led events to connect with local web3 projects and people in the most entertaining way possible.


Sept 2022

Aug 2023

What’s new?

We plan to make our IRL events web3-native and use them to onboard new people into the space.  Season 2 also represents our first steps towards becoming a DAO.

The events

All events are free to attend and have an educational and an entertainment component. Events are organized and hosted by one of the DAO members.

Why DeNites

Our mission is to make everyone feel welcome in web3, by promoting real and meaningful connections.

We do it through IRL events where both newbies and experts have an opportunity to meet and bond.

In 2021 a group of Portugal-based web3 startups created DeNites, the unofficial afterparties for ETHLisbon, Nearcon, WebSummit and Solana Breakpoint to showcase local projects.

DeNites 1st season was mostly about vibes and throwing some decentralized parties.

Origin Story

Thanks to all Season1
Hosts and Sponsors

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Hosting an event

Anyone can apply to host future DeNites event by submitting an event proposal to the DAO.

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